Sechrist 3600E


he Sechrist 3600E hyperbaric chamber, available in 6 signature colors, is equipped with the latest in Sechrist technology, the Electronic Control Module that significantly increases oxygen conservation, patient comfort and patient safety. 

Sechrist's™ Oxygen Conservation System provides the following benefits:

  • Using the O2 Conservation Mode, up to 65% less oxygen will be consumed per treatment compared to standard pneumatic chambers
  • Reduced oxygen supply requirements
  • 95% oxygen level within 13 minutes at a minimum
  • compression purge rate of 400L/min
  • Comfortable noise levels during the pressure plateau

Sechrist's™ Oxygen Conservation Mode significantly reduces the amount of oxygen consumed during a treatment. A monoplace hyperbaric oxygen treatment that begins under ambient air conditions requires a high oxygen flow in order to eliminate the presence of nitrogen within the chamber. Once the nitrogen has been purged from the chamber and the internal oxygen concentration has exceeded 95%, high flows are no longer needed to maintain the patients™ saturation level.

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January 13, 2011