Mepilex® Border Ag


Mepilex® Border Ag is an all-in-one antimicrobial foam dressing designed for medium to high exuding wounds such as pressure ulcers and partial thickness burns, and where an antimicrobial action is indicated. According to a recent international consensus, antimicrobial action is indicated to help reduce bio-burden in infected wounds and to act as an antimicrobial barrier in wounds at high risk of infection or re-infection1. Infected wounds are painful wounds that need the best of treatment. Mepilex Border Ag is a dressing with Safetac® technology and is therefore proven to minimize pain and skin damage at dressing changes2,3. Mepilex Border Ag provides an antimicrobial activity, as it contains silver compound.

  • Safetac technology minimises pain at dressing changes2
  • Rapid and sustained antimicrobial activity4
  • Excellent retention and effective exudate management5
  • All-in-one foam dressing for pressure ulcers and other chronic and acute wounds

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