Endoform dermal template


A collagen extracellular matrix (ECM) dressing that is available from Day One.1It retains the structure and function of the intact, native ECM2 to help supplement the patient's degraded matrix.3 It also demonstrates broad-spectrum MMP activity reduction, especially against critical collagenases, gelatinases, and additional MMPs.4

  • 10% intact extracellular matrix and 90% collagen
  • Pricing similar to standard collagen dressings
  • A collagen ECM with HCPCS A code1
  • Advanced care accessible to all clinicians; no physician fixation required
  • Cost efficiency through weekly applications5
  • Broad-spectrum MMP inhibition4
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1.  HCPCS Codes A6021, A6022 collagen dressing.
2.  Lun S, Irvine SM, Johnson KD, et al. A functional extracellular matrix biomaterial derived from ovine forestomach. Biomaterials. 2010;31(16):4517-4529.
3.  International consensus. Acellular matrices for the treatment of wounds. An expert working group review. London: Wounds International, 2010.
4.  Negron L, Lun S, May BC. Ovine forestomach matrix biomaterial is a broad spectrum inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinases and neutrophil elastase. Int Wound J. 2014;11(4):392-397.
5.  Endoform Dermal Template Instructions for Use.

529311 A6021 2" x 2" 5 cm x 5 cm Box of 10
529312 A6021 2" x 2" 5 cm x 5 cm fenestrated Box of 10
529313 A6022 4" x 5" 10 cm x 12.7 cm Box of 10
529314 A6022 4" x 5" 10 cm x 12.7 cm fenestrated Box of 10
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