OSNovative Systems, Inc.

500 Laurelwood Road, Suites 1&4
Santa Clara, CA 95054
United States

OSNovative Systems, Inc. is a privately held company, owned and managed by a team of dedicated professionals. The company develops, manufactures and sells proprietary medical devices for advanced wound management and combat/emergency medicine.

About OSNovative Systems:

OSNovative Systems, Inc. is a rapidly growing start-up in the Silicon Valley. It is a privately held company, owned, and managed by a team of dedicated professionals. The company develops, manufactures, and sells proprietary devices for advanced wound management, combat/emergency medicine and cosmetic skin care.
OSNovative Systems, Inc. is in cooperation with world-leading suppliers of raw materials and ISO certified contract manufacturing companies in order to fabricate its products to the highest standards of quality.
The company’s flagship product, Enluxtra™, is the first and only wound dressing of the new self-adaptive class, and is suitable for all wounds at any healing stage. The Enluxtra brand is widely recognized by medical professionals in the US and internationally, and is currently sold in every US state.
Self-adaptive technology revolutionizes wound care and makes institutional, home-based, and field wound management simple, efficient, and cost effective. OSNovative Systems is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. For more information, visit www.anywound.com.


• ENLUXTRA Self-Adaptive Wound Dressing is the first self-regulating super-absorbent fiber dressing with built-in on-demand hydration.
• Innovative self-adaptive technology enables ENLUXTRA to re-start and complete healing of difficult or non-healing wounds.
• ENLUXTRA uses “smart” feedback-driven materials that functionally adapt to match unpredictably changing wound conditions. This adaptability makes ENLUXTRA suitable for wounds of any etiology (including burns), and of any drainage level - from minimal to high.
• ENLUXTRA is designed for long wear time and fewer dressing changes. It has ~2X higher absorbency than any dressing on the market. Its material locks in the absorbed exudate, and does not release it under pressure, preventing skin maceration. Further, ENLUXTRA supports intensive natural autolytic debridement, and microbial and odor reduction.
• ENLUXTRA dressings significantly decrease treatment time, material, and inventory expenses, reduce cost of care, and help improve quality measures.

Contact Information
Contact Phone: (888) 519-2297
Contact E-mail: contact@osnovative.com
November 19, 2015